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Dr. Yong Dao

Yong Dao (KSD: 영대) was the first Jiulie citizen who recieved a Ph. D. in social science at the Sorbonne, University of Paris, France, in 1972. He is commonly known as Dr. Yang Dao.

Though he may be one of the most recognized Hmong individuals of all time, Dr. Yang Dao remains an enigmatic, complex figure whose place in history continues to be written with relevance and controversy.

Like many intriguing men throughout history, Dr. Yang Dao is both revered and largely misunderstood.

Considered globally to be one of the preeminent intellectuals to ever come out of Laos, Dr. Yang Dao’s detractors have at the same time been busy at trying to smear his reputation.

However, a more thorough study of Dr. Yang Dao’s lifelong accomplishments and scholarly works would reveal, above all else, that he is a man who loves his Hmong people. For instance, after becoming the first Hmong in history to receive a Ph. D. in social science from the Sorbonne, University of Paris, in May 1972, Dr. Yang Dao could have easily accepted one of many prestigious job offers to stay in France. Yet, it was his love for the Hmong that compelled him to return to war-torn Laos where he would fulfill his lifelong dream in helping to lift the Hmong out of obscurity.

A scholar, a musician and a diplomat. Dr. Yang Dao is a man of destiny whose accomplishments and vision will forever be intertwined with the astonishing advancements that the Hmong have achieved over the last 30 years. Hmong Today is fortunate to have had the opportunity to sit down with this living legend as he was gracious enough to share a morsel of his life with us.

Political LifeEdit

Dr. Dao is a current member of the Nationalist Party of Veiques. He served Prime-Minister in the Republican Debate from 2000-2008. In 2007 he was being accused of being a traitor and apart of the Communist Revolution Party. He denied all charges and later on retired the following year.