Agent 017

Seho is a intellegence sleeper spy for the Communist party. He was enrolled by the secret service and had his memory wiped and brainwashed by the Nationalist party. He was trained and skilled at flying aircrafts, shooting and sniping. His training included martial arts, physical fitness and at one point, he could bench-press 200 pounds and deliver lethal karate chops. He was then taught Mandarian and Korean. He is nicknamed "せい" meaning "Seiko" which also refers to "Feirce Tiger"


Seho is the eldest son of a Political Lieutenant, where he studied at the University of Va where he did not complete his college studies, because he was drafted into the Communist forces and served as a soldier in occupied Vuevién. He became a diplomat to the National Communist Assembly where he hopes to serve as the Prime Minister of Jiulie in the Secret War Generation, if ever the Communist forces win.

Military CareerEdit

Seho was born in the Year of the Metal Dragon. He joined the army when he was 18. He studied in Hanoi, Beijing and Pyongyang in the three criterias of Socialist-Communist Studies and Military Science and eventually joined the Communist Party. Seho became a lieutenant colonel during the Red October. His mission was to become an undercover spy and reconnaissance back to the Conservatives about their leadership. Within the Painted Face Society, he became a famous model and an actor. His presence then dissapeared soon aftwards during the Year of the Water Dragon. He is fluent in Chinese, Thai/Lao and French. He is currently in a relationship with Vivian Truth Tran. He worked for the HNIS .


Seho was a highschool student, hand selected to be chosen as a sniper specialist for being proven to be accurate and his learning abilities in langauge. He studied Chinese 3 years, with 2 years of physical fitness, firearms, Aviation skills and espionage. At one point in his life, he could pressbench 150lb.


It is noted that Seho has a gift to minor telapathy, the ability to move objects. He has a high sense of precognition and clairvoyance to sense up coming events in the timeline and predict accurate judgments.