Eighteenth Xeng Council is a Political system of the Jiulie National Congress.

The heirarchy goes like this:

National Leaders:Edit

  1. Premier Ministre: They are the international figurehead of the country. They maintain the international relationships between other countries.
  2. Président: They are the national figurehead of the state. They are the executive commander of the Ministry of War.

Eighteenth Xeng Council: Ministry of CultureEdit

  1. Chairman: Elected official to be the Chairman of the Ministry of Culture. Undeaneath him is his Cabin of Press.
  2. Tasseng of the Province: Governer of the Province.
  3. District Head: Senators of the cities.
  4. Administritive Director: Village Leaders.

Ministry of War:Edit

  1. Jiulie Armed Forces: Armed miltiary soldiers.
  2. Hiatsu Navy: Warships.
  3. Raven Airforce: Military airships. Their most unique and technoligcal advancement.
  4. Flower Network: Cyberwarefare against the Shua.